Thursday, September 07, 2006

Second one done
in my attempt to get 25 projects done by the end of October.
This is also a reversible quilt.
I attended a course witch were held at Varatun Gård in Sandnes. The Instructor, Nancy Eriksen, knows that there is a lot of decoration missing on this one (if it is supposed to be like her model). I didn’t want to appliqué on my quilt since I don’t want it to be a Wall hanging.

On the back side of the quilt I used fabric that I didn’t like. I just had receved some fabric I knew I would not use on a top. I didn’t know they were brand-new and expensive. I just didn’t like them at the moment.

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Sølvi said...

Du Nina - har du hosket på å sende bilder til Desiree av de ferdige ufo'ene dine? Jeg kan ikek husek å ha sett dem på siden hennes.