Monday, September 11, 2006

Santa is out of business.
I’m gone rely on the mailman.

Mailbox is in shock and so am I. Never ever before has it been so full of goodies.

My heart came home!

Thanks to everyone ho has participated. I just keep steering at it. It is lovely. I am looking forward to frame it and put it on the wall.
And a special thanks to May Britt, who started this Round Robin.

Hearts and goodies

4 hearts arrived safe in Norway.
Thanks to
Margareth (Victoria, USA), Beverly (Kentucky, USA) Linda (NY, USA) and Hideko (Japan) for such stunning hearts. And all the extras you sent. Just can’t wait to start using it.

Thanks to Antoinette for the lovely beads you sent. They are heavier than I expected, therefore I believe they are stones.

Before the mailman came around, I went shopping for some yarn. My son (8 ½) needs a new home knitted wool sweater. When I came home I realised I had to finish a pair of socks first. The minute they were ready Johnny (18) said: “Mine!” And he has almost worn them since.

It is always nice when people around you appreciate the work you are doing.


wilma said...

Your heart block is gorgeous, can imagine that you keep looking at it!

Ati said...

Hei Nina, I just found your Blog.
Your RR heart quilt looks great. And all the other stuff too. Hilsen, Ati.