Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another Round Robin
I just can’t get enough!
I’ve signed up for another Round Robin. “Ordinary” Round Robin? Not a crazy one this time….

I love the idea of RR. It is always nice to se results of RR’s. They are always beautiful. And I do want to own one myself. Then I have to participate.

I entered, and in the same minute, my head went empty. No ideas, what so ever. Empty!

In order to get an idea I went to the local quilt shop:
I got a small idea of some butterflies and a big pile of fabric.

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May Britt said...

Lovely fabric you have chosen. I am sure you get an idea for your RR. If you are using these colours it must be a summer quilt. Flowers, butterflies and icecream. I got my "flowering RR" back in mai when I visit Finland and I looooooove it.