Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First one done.
This one belongs to Kirsten. It was a beautiful stripe, simple and clean, in blue and white fabric. It is a brilliant idea. I am sorry for not thinking about it myself.
I have done my contribution to this RBR. I found this round easy to do since there where nobody that have “used all my ideas”. The difficult part is to get it the right size. I am not allowed to show you my work. It is supposed to be secret until the project is back at home to its owner, but the “startstripe” is no secret :o) But so far there has not been published a picture by thr owner yet, therefore I do not want to be the "messenger".

Now I just have to send it along to the next lady (will do tomorrow), and wait for a new RBR-challenge to enter my mailbox
( yesterday it did ).

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