Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eggs for Easter

Why eggs? I remember it’s got something to do with the hen, all the nice chickens, and a little bit about new life being brought to life. Why, it is not important.
But eggs are not practical.
Some years ago we had a campervan. We would hit the road at every chance we got. Easter usually was a nice opportunity to go shopping in Sweden. Information to those of you who don’t know; I live on the west side of the country and Sweden being on the east side. Problem is the road connecting east to the west is not a straight line. It is ups and downs, rights and lefts.
Now you get it. Eggs won’t stay where you put them. They always roll around ending up like disasters, with all the sweets spread all over the entire floor. Therefore I made Easter bags for the children. And the Easter bunny has brought along these goodie bags ever since.

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