Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Helina’s DYB

My first thought: This one is going to be easy. I love the purple colour, and the theme she choose, would not cause to much difficulties.
My second thought: How do I solve this without ruin the block.
All of her blocks contained a butterfly or two. I just had to continue that style.
And flowers, lots of flowers, I love them as well. Therefore I added some in different styles.
I hope she like my stitching. I serially love her set of DYB’s.
I am looking forward to see her result.


Gerry said...

Your needlework in this block is lovely. She will love it, I'm sure. Also, your post cards are fantastic. Very creative and fun idea.

Susan said...

I love your block! I've seen a couple of them, and it is a great set of blocks. This is a wonderful addition to the set. She will like it, I'm sure.

Ati. Norway. said...

You have made a beautiful block for Helinä. She will love it!