Monday, February 12, 2007

Set no. 6 done.

It is the last set to leave the house.
My own set is almost done as well, but I need to get these 6 sets mailed. I'll get back to my own set later in another post. I promise.

To day I am going to send to another "swap sister" one of my "Unfinished Quilting Project". It is a brilliant idea of dieting. I just lost 10 kilos. Funny! LOL. For those of you who know AnnaKa it is her "Gobelinløper" I've sent to America. Well, I’ll receive another project in return.
Looking forward to receive it.

And I bought my self a new digital camera this weekend. I had one, but battery was loosing its power to fast. Grrr.
My new camera, witch is much better than the old one technologically, but, is just 1/10 (!) of the price of the old (5 years) one. I was told that’s what happens.
OK...If I wait for another while I'll get the very best laptop for free???

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