Thursday, August 31, 2006


This summer I entered a swap called “Summer present”.
We would all get a secret friend, and during summer we should gather stuff our secret friend would fancy. Wrap it in nicely, and send it in the end of summer.
Actually we were all going to open at the same time during an internet-chat. But unfortunate I cant participate so I was aloud to open it today. Yeah!

It contained:
A very nice Country Sampler Pattern (I will do that one day). One pair of Quilt Clips. They will come in handy (maybe already tonight). So will the Double-faced Basting Tape. Brilliant.
A package of NeedleGripIt would be perfect in my needlework-box. It would save my fingers of being perforated. The present also contained 3 spools of nice coloured special effect tread, an a piece of fabric in one of the colour scale I love.

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NormaH said...

WOW! All those goodies! Wonderful. Enjoy them all.