Thursday, January 29, 2009

UFO’s of 2009

Susannes Purse
Honey Bee Lottery
The "Happy Bag"
Blue Flower Tablecloth

Pink Flower Tablecloth
Houses from Helsinki
Flower Swap
Kaffe Fasett Quilt
Purple AnnaKa
Japanese coins
Small purses for friends
Toilet bags
Pencil houses
½ on ½ Swap
Do Your Own Block
A Warm Quilt
Stitchery sampler

Blue Hearts

There are more, much more. I’ll probably find others on my way down the layers in my stitching room. It would be like a geologic g
But I would like to start some new projects as well during 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you have plenty to do for a while. A group of us, including someone from Germany and someone from South Africa, so in your time zone, roughly, have started a UFO group. We have one day a month, and some special days during the year, when we work on UFOs and post every couple of hours about our progress, showing pictures when we finish for the day.

If you'd be interested in more details, just let me know. I know those two gals would love someone else in their time zones, since they are so far ahead of us by the time the US ladies start!