Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Susie’s DYB arrived.

Last Saturday Susie’s DYB arrived at my place. Usually I say arrived safely, but this time they did not. The fist thing I saw was the plastic envelope they use in the postal service when something is damaged. (I know after 15 years of serving in the postal system.)
Inside were the damaged envelope and the plastic bag Susie used to protect her blocks. It looked like it’s been tewed by a dinosaur and spitted out again. Then I grabbed the blocks, counted them, and was relived all 6 of them had made it. Next step was to see if there were any damages to the blocks. Luckily it seemed they made it thru the terrifying experience of postal service. I was relived, but not for long.

Oh no! Then I realized there were no paperwork or any instruction. No journal along with the blocks. The guidelines told us to make one, and therefore I expected one.
Well it was missing. I’ve been on the e-mail to Susie and told her what has happened. I hope she will mail me a new one.

I love her blocks. They are delicious. Nice and calm. Her choices of color are warm and comforting. And her idea of theme is angles. I love the romantic shade of color and theme.
But before I get started I need to do some other stuff that I got on my “need to do” list.

This is the block I choose.

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