Thursday, March 15, 2007

During a job of cleaning, rearranging and sorting some of my old stuff, .....and starting a new project, I came across a piece of fabric that caught my attention.
I have never before seen anything like this. I know you might use fabric the wrong side out. (Depending on the fabric). But this is different. There are actually two different prints on this little piece of fabric. It is reversible!
Is there anybody out there who could tell me some more about this phenomenon?


Gerry said...

Sorry Nina, but I don't have a clue on the fabric. I just wanted to say hello. I've just had a look through your blog (I've missed so much) and you done some lovely work.

Anne said...

Hi! Sorr I can't tell you anything really enlightening about the phenomenon. But I remember my Mom bought a fabric like that at Sandvika Veveri sometime in the 80s to make curtains - it reminded a lot of the quality of quilter's cotton, it was pink with a large floral pattern on one side and a small floral pattern on the other side. I rememer she gave me the left overs to make a mini quilt for my doll house - and I had two fabrics in one (I have no idea what happened to my mini, though). Do you know the producer of your fabric? Or where you have bought it? Maybe it's a thing Sandvika Veveri did with quite a lot of fabric some years ago...?

Susan said...

Nina, I don't know about that particular piece, but I don know that back in the early 80s, at least one fabric company was printing fabric with a different print on both sides. I had a red I loved. It might have been RJR, but I wouldn't guarantee that it was.

It didn't last long, just a year or two, and they didn't do it any more. They never printed huge numbers of them, either.

Sølvi said...

I know i have had both a red and a brown pice like this one, but with another pattern - think it vas curtain fabric.